Topo Designs Key Clip Black

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Topo Designs Key Clip Black

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PRODUKTINFORMATIONEN - Topo Designs Key Clip Black

Topo Designs Key Clip Black, Losing your keys is so last year.


Topo Designs Key Clip, lightweight aluminum carabiner-style clip

Topo Designs Key Clip, lightweight aluminum carabiner-style clip

TOPO DESIGNS KEY CLIP BLACK, lightweight aluminum carabiner-style clip.

Small but mighty. Topo Designs Key Clip is the hero your often-lost keys deserve. Topo Designs built this cool keychain from half inch heavy-duty nylon webbing and anchored with a lightweight carabiner-style clip.


Keep them handy (and add a pop of color) with a Key Clip. This sturdy nylon webbing accessory is easily found at the bottom of a bag or clipped to a strap for convenience.

All Topo Designs Key Clips are handmade in Colorado, USA.

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Topo Designs Key Clips are one of the many great accessories of Topo Designs in our large and carefully selected collection.
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TOPO DESIGNS - Made For Anywhere On Your Map.

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Marke Topo Designs
Farbe Schwarz
Maße (WxHxT) 14,6 cm Long
Volume 2.5 L
Material Lightweight aluminum carabiner-style clip, heavy-duty nylon webbing
Spezifikationen Lightweight aluminum carabiner-style clip
Heavy-duty nylon webbing loop
5.75" long
Garantie MAP Guarantee™. Topo Designs bietet eine angemessene lebenslange Garantie auf Material- und Verarbeitungsfehler. Die Garantie erstreckt sich nicht auf Schäden, die durch Fahrlässigkeit, unsachgemäße Pflege, Unfall oder normale Abnutzung verursacht wurden.
Markendetails Made For Anywhere On Your Map.

Growing up in the mountains of the West, Topo Designs has been using gear from their earliest memories. They are fishers, hunters, ski instructors, hikers, climbers, bikers, travelers, and throught it all they have searched for gear that really works - as well as satisfies with the standard fare, Topo Designs sought out ski gear from France, Bags from Japan, all the while honing their tastes and growing a seed of desire to create something theirselves.

At Topo Designs, they’re rooted in mountain culture and outdoor living, but love exploring cities and world travel. They look to proven classics for inspiration, yet take advantage of innovative technologies to ensure a timeless look with modern functionality. Topo Designs is uncomplicated and utilitarian, but with a sense of design and style through simplicity. Their goal is to not have to choose a single path—they want to live on both sides of the fence, where life is always greener.

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